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About Asset Adjusters

Over 30 Years Leading the Recovery Industry

ART Asset Adjusters is the realization of a shared vision by multiple owners within the repossession industry to create one company that becomes and remains the most trusted asset recovery partner for lenders in the auto finance industry. The combined scope of our people, resources and service footprint will give each of the clients we proudly work for increased confidence that they can count on our company as trusted partners. Starting January 1, 2021, the combined company - ART Asset Adjusters - will deliver true direct one-call asset recovery services, operating from approximately 40 marshalling facilities across our seven state service footprint. ART Asset Adjusters is setting a new standard for service that lenders can experience and trust from the asset recovery industry.

The founding eight companies of ART Asset Adjusters are Camping Companies, Inc., Paramount Recovery Service, Diversified Recovery of Texas, Accurate Adjustments, Inc., Able Auto Adjusters, Advanced Services of Redding, 1st Adjusters, and Tri-State Recovery. These eight long-standing and respected repossession companies have been leaders in their respective markets for many years, with well-established client relationships at the core of their success. Most importantly, the owners of the merging companies will continue in full time roles with ART Asset Adjusters, providing leadership and operational continuity for all lender clients.

ART Asset Adjusters is passionate about building and maintaining a thriving culture that empowers its employees towards personal growth and professional success, which will in turn help ART Asset Adjusters thrive and succeed. As an ownership group, we have two foundational and guiding motivations in coming together as one company: to provide a stronger and brighter future for the hard-working and loyal people that presently work for each of our companies, and to continuously improve our ability to be the most trusted lender services partner in asset recovery for each of our lender clients. We will accomplish these two goals together as one team – ART Asset Adjusters, LLC.

Coverage Area

Trusted Service in the Southwest

Coverage Map
  • California

    17 Marshalling Facilities

  • Nevada

    3 Marshalling Facilities

  • Arizona

    6 Marshalling Facilities

  • Utah

    2 Marshalling Facilities

  • Colorado

    5 Marshalling Facilities

  • New Mexico

    3 Marshalling Facilities

  • Texas

    15 Marshalling Yards

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One-of-a-Kind Customer Service

Involuntary Recoveries

We will diligently recover automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, motorhomes, trailers, boats, heavy equipment, and watercraft.


We have long-standing relationships with numerous impound facilities, which enable us to retrieve your vehicle out of impound quickly and efficiently


We will deliver your unit to a local auction, or we can arrange for transportation anywhere in the United States.

Voluntary Recovery

Our team will get to work right away when a vehicle is surrendered. You can count on us to set appointments, make arrangements, and work with your customers in a polite and professional way.


We offer 24-hour secured storage facilities that are lighted, fenced, alarmed, and insured. You can feel safe knowing your collateral is protected at all times.

Field Contact

We will contact your customer and put them in touch with you. If requested, our professional agents will also provide you with a written detailed report on the condition of your collateral.


Our team is trained in the latest investigative and skip techniques. We utilize the latest technology, resources, and good old fashioned field work to find even the most difficult skips.


We can cut keys for all types of vehicles, including high security VATS and PATS Systems.


We can help by taking bids on your vehicle or selling it online at Openlane or Stream.


We Set The Highest Standards

Our ownership team is resolutely committed to our company setting the standard in the repossession industry for being fully compliant, financially strong, managing risk well and always investing in our future. This will allow us to continue serving our clients for a long time to come.

Compliance has become a major component of a lender’s evaluation of current and potential vendor partners. These important evaluating factors touch on everything from consumer protection, to data security, to reoccurring education, and more.

ART Asset Adjusters places an emphasis on compliance standards and the importance it plays in protecting our lender partner’s brand and their customers. We are proud to share our tradition of excellence in this area with our Lender Partners.

ART Asset Adjusters commits considerable resources to this effort, and our dedication to continued education goes beyond our management staff. Every ART team member that touches your assignment has been through our rigorous, thorough internal training standards. Our compliance team is dedicated to providing our lender partners with peace of mind that every job is done right, every time.

Compliance Initiatives

Training Licensing Insurance


Leaders in Technology, Research, and Adoption

As the industry continues to be shaped by increasing regulation and the demand for a greater level of consumer protection, the only way to maintain high standards of quality and security is through the deployment of cutting edge technology. ART places technology development and deployment as a high priority in our effort to decrease the lender’s risk and increase consumer protection.

A leader in the deployment of LPR and other technologies that continuously improve operational performance, ART is constantly increasing our collective ability to be aggressive adopters of new technology in order to lead the industry in delivering asset recovery services that contribute to the financial success of our lender clients.


Be A Part of Our Team

ART Asset Adjusters is passionate about building and maintaining a thriving culture that empowers its employees towards personal growth and professional success. One of our foundational motivations in coming together as one company is to provide a stronger and brighter future for the hard-working and loyal people that make the company’s success possible. ART Asset Adjusters is a dynamic place for people in the asset recovery industry to build a stable and long-term career.

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ART Asset Adjusters directly services most of the U.S. southwest including AZ, NV, CO, and NM. We are eager and ready to handle your repossession needs.

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